segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2008

As it Began

Também faço músicas e versões.
Essa versão é de uma música chamada As it began, de uma cantora japonesa chamada Crystal Kay.

As it Began

I want my freedom, baby
But I can't live without your smile
So what can I do?
I'm still in love with you
It's a feeling inside of me
I feel like a prisoner
Who is gonna save me?
I just wanna become free

So this story goes
I wanna be in your life
But I think in my life, I think one more time
You're not my own anymore
Why can't be as it began?
Like the sweetest love
But when I remember it
My wounds will never heal
I Just can't believe that's so real

I remember a thousand times
Our sad moment and fights
But I still remember well
Our happy moments too
Please, what can I do?
I feel like a prisoner
I just wanna get out here
I just wanna become free


There's no reason for a kiss with a broken heart
I think in your smile, I think in my tears
There's no reason for my dreams, you're always there
but I try don't care
I just have to let it go

obs: ouçam a música e desconsiderem o vídeo.

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